Mother Earth Farms’ Donkey Butter cannabis strain comes in a simple presentation. Clear glass and gold lid with Mother Earth Farms logo. I was struck by the beauty of the flower inside. Soft elongated flowers with long copper hairs, indigo-blue highlights an sparking with paper-white trichomes. Donkey Butter came in at $40 for the eighth, an unbelievable bargain for this type of quality.This Donkey Butter cannabis comes in at 2.25 percent terpenes, at it’s apparent once the jar is open. Pungent gas and wood aromas filled the room. The aroma is warm and sharp like whiskey fresh out of a barrel. Fans of OG classic OG strains will fall in love with this strain; its genetic lineage is Grease Monkey and Triple OG.

Donkey Butter’s texture is soft and sticky. 1.5 grams could easily fill the perfect sized blunt. Breaking the weed down reveals indigo-blue colors stretching through the stem. This flower leaves its gassy wooden terps on your fingers long after you’ve stopped touching the weed. This indica-hybrid strain has terpy smoke. An uplifting blend of earth, herbal and gas flavors are present in every hit of Donkey Butter.

Donkey Butter left me in a mellow vibey mindstate. This strain made me less anxious, increasing my attention span while writing and working. It sparks a memorable combination of motivational and relaxing effects.

The combination of affordable price, terpenes, and overall quality make Donkey Butter a must try for OG cannabis lovers.

Cannabinoid Breakdown

  • Total Cannabinoids: 17%


  • Total Detected: 2.25%

Donkey Butter Cannabis Strain Review (Prod. Mother Earth Farms)

Donkey Butter Cannabis Overview

  • Indica-hybrid
  • Genetics: Grease Monkey crossed with Triple OG
  • Aromatics: wood, gas, musk, earth
  • Flavor: wood, earth, gas

Donkey Butter Soundtrack

Donkey Butter Cannabis Strain Review (Prod. Mother Earth Farms)F

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