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Rosin is a solventless extract made by applying heat and pressure to our finest hash. The finished product is filled with terpenes. What makes rosin so special is that it has the high cannabinoid numbers that other types of concentrates have, but doesn't have any of the harmful solvents in it. The terpenes from the hash are exaggerated and their unique flavors burst forth in every hit.

Phoenix Tears (RSO)

Widely acclaimed as an excellent panacea by alternative medicine, Phoenix Tears provide healing to those in need. We produce two distinct types of Phoenix Tears – a CBD dominant blend and a pure THC form. Both have their specific uses, but we find that both help with various ailments.


Our Clear is the highest testing concentrate that we produce. Clocking in at over 96% total cannabinoids, Clear is a distinct concentrate that provides the user with a clean, clear-headed high that activates the mind but doesn’t come with any of the anxiety that certain forms of cannabis have. With a natural lemon taste from the Limonene terpene, the Clear is tasty and potent.

Topical lotions

Our topical lotions are handcrafted using fresh ingredients and high-quality cannabis extract. We have received consistent customer feedback on its positives effects. Please see our “Testimonials” page for more details.

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